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Writing effective letters to officials
Preparing for BSL meetings
Preparing for BSL meetings
A Message to the Media
Dispelling the myths
Who's against BSL?
Pit Bull 101
The Noble Rottie
The Epidemic

In an effort to avoid a pit bull ban, would you prefer to:
1. Require microchip and Canine Good Citizen on your pit bulls and mixes thereof.
2. Keep your dog on a short leash and muzzle when off of your property.
3. Maintain your dog in a specified enclosure when at home.
4. Require a "permit" that proves you to be a responsible owner in the eyes of the law
5. Spay and neuter your dog.
6. Maintain no more than 2 dogs on your premises.
7. Require #1 and #5 only.
8. Require #2 and #5 only.
9. All of the above.
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