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Latest BSL Updates

Writing effective letters to officials
Preparing for BSL meetings
Preparing for BSL meetings
A Message to the Media
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Who's against BSL?
Pit Bull 101
The Noble Rottie
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Proposed BSL

Chicago Alderman Toni Preckwinkle responsed to a person writing regarding Ald Rugais proposal with the following email…
“Thank you for your email.  However, I will support Ald. Rugai's ordinance. “
Members of McHenry County's Dangerous and Vicious Dog Task Force are reconsidering initial
                                       thoughts of BANNING specific and see WHEN NEXT MTG IS
McHenry County Government Center
2200 North Seminary Ave
Woodstock, IL 60098

(815) 334-4000

Phone: 847-883-8600 Carol Marshall Deputy Clerk or Randy Melvin Chief of Police call by 2;00 on the 6th for agenda
                                       for mtg on 9th
                                       looking into Home Rule and issues relating to dog ordinancing and what is possible
Mayor Brett Blomberg
Liz Brandt
Laura Kloske
David Saltiel
Dan Servi
Tom White
The issue was brought
                                       up by a community member so it will be looked at. The regular Council meeting meets on the 9th,
                                       and if they are setting up a Commission to look at this it will be announced at this meeting.
City Hall (217) 379-4022
Paxton City Government Mayor: J. William Ingold
City Clerk: Penny Stevens
Comptroller & Treasurer: Julie Burgess
City Council
Alderman 1st Ward -- Bill Goben
Alderman 1st Ward -- Justin Bouse
Alderman 2nd Ward -- Del Bruens, Jr.
Alderman 2nd Ward -- Rick Wolfe
Alderman 3rd Ward -- Tom McQuinn

Alderman 3rd Ward -- Chris Johnson
Alderman 4th Ward -- Dan Beppler
Alderman 4th Ward -- Emory Alred
Appointive Officers
City Attorney -- Robert Martensen
Chief of Police -- Kenneth Mutchmore
Building Commissioner -- Lloyd Bluhm
Supt. of Waterworks -- Randy Haack
Supt. of Streets and Alleys -- Randy Swan
Emergency Rescue Service (ERS): Lloyd Bluhm
City Secretary: Laura Peeler
The city of Paxton operates under an aldermanic form of government, which consists of a mayor and two alderman representing each of the four wards of the city. The mayor serves for a term of four years, as do each of the eight alderman. One alderman from each ward is elected every two years. The regular business session of the city is held on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7 p.m., in the city hall.
Sheila @ AC has heard nothing about an introduction of any Bills or changes. The meeting is on the 19th and she has my phone number if she hears more to call. Someone had called her earlier in the day and said they read about this in the paper and she will be emailing that to me when she gets it. She also asked for Bill numbers on all the Bills to be proposed at state level this year, so I will email them off to her. (she is NOT a fan of BSL)
 (815) 462-5633
County Clerk 
Nancy Schultz Voots (R) 
 (815) 740-4615

Selecting Plants

Nothing on agenda yet. Local veterinarian has submitted info against BSL
No mtg on the 3rd. Earliest it would be is on the 17th she thought this will be coming on the agenda as a study session at this point. But urged to check website on the 6th & 13th after 5;00 for agendas.
City Clerk Diana Lentzno states there are no Council sessions til January 12th…which is strictly swearing in of new members…Need to call on the 16thof January to get the agenda for the 26th, (earliest this will come up)she will have it finished by then and will know if there is anything on agenda regarding banning breeds of dogs.
Considering beefing up its vicious-dog regulations to try to keep from becoming a "dumping ground" for animals that are increasing elsewhere in the metro area. 303-795-4400
Animal Control- 720-874-6750
Centenial/unincorporated Arapohoe County have issueS with loose dogs. Thea w/AC is heading up the committee which will passing the resolution end of January to make owner accountability a PRIORITY. They cannot go breed specific, but she stated she would NOT support that anyway, but does however KNOW that people who are irresponsible regardless of the breed need to be held accountable to the highest degree permitted by law. And that is where they are making the changes! Click-treat!!!!
Police Dept is gathering data to look at breed specific issues.
Keep the letters coming…there is nothing on the agenda, so we have time to inform and educate!!
601 Colorado Avenue
Junta, CO 81050
City Administration: (719) 384-5991
The Council meets on the first and third Monday of each month at an hour to be fixed from time to time by the rules and procedures of each Council (currently, 7:00 PM in the Council Chambers on the second floor of the Municipal Building). Council meetings are open to the public
Mayor Steve Burkholder.This is set for a study session on the 30th! Dangerous Dogs will be the topic.  They will be making changes based on the study sessions for the year 2006. Info may be sent to Mayor's Office: 303-987-7040

* Marty McCullough, City Attorney, (303) 430-2400 ext. 2231
February AGENDA
Lafayette City Clerk Susan Koster, appointed in July 2003, welcomes you to call with questions related to her area of City expertise. The City Clerk is located in the Administration Office of City Hall (1290 S. Public Rd.) and can be reached at (303)665-5588, ext. 3313 or by email.
Councilor Vicki Stack
Councilor Cheryl Wise
Councilor Debbie Koop
Councilor Bob Murphy
Councilor Sue King
Councilor Ed Peterson
Councilor Doug Anderson.
Councilor Ray Elliott
Councilor Diana Allen
Councilor Mike Stevens