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Writing effective letters to officials
Preparing for BSL meetings
Preparing for BSL meetings
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Dispelling the myths
Who's against BSL?
Pit Bull 101
The Noble Rottie
The Epidemic

Bless the Bullys
Adoption Application


Please know that this application and/or any of the questions are not designed to deter you from adopting a pit bull, we just want to be certain that our bullys are placed in the homes best suited for them.  Each and every question on the application is important in our determination as to whether you and the particular dog of your choice are a good match.


All applications are reviewed and considered on an indivual basis.  We know every dog and every dog owner brings something different and unique to each situation.  



First Name
Last Name
Street Address
Zip Code
Phone No.
Alternate Phone No.
E-mail Address
Date of Birth
Do you live with:
How many adults (21 and over) live in your household?
How many individuals under age 21 live in your household?
What are the ages of individuals under 21 in house?
How far can you travel to pick up dog?
Name of dog you are interested in adopting:
Do you prefer an adult or puppy?
Prefer dog to be:
Will the dog be:
How many hours a day will dog be left alone?
When home alone, the dog will be:
How will dog get exercise?
Is your home in the:
Do you have a yard?
If yes, is yard enclosed by fence?
Height, length and type of fence
Do you live in a house or apartment?
Do you own the property?
If you rent, please list name and phone number of landlord for verification
Do you live in an area that pit bull ownership is regulated?
Do you have other dogs?
Please specify breeds and ages of other dogs
If you've had other dogs in the past, please describe their disposition
Please describe what happened.
What other kinds of animals do you have?
Are your other pets on heartworm prevention?
Of all the breeds, why do you want to adopt a pit bull?
Do you have any experience with the breed? If so, please describe.
Name and telephone number of your vet.
Does your vet have emergency hours? If so, please list.
Does everyone in your household want to add a pit bull to the family?
Who will be the primary caregiver?
Does anyone in your household have allergies? If so, please specify.
Are you willing to work with this dog on any issues he/she may have?
Is there anything that would cause you to return this dog to rescue?
Do you agree to a home visit should your application be approved?
What is the best time to contact you to discuss your application?
REERENCES. Please provide: (1) Name (2) Telephone Number (3) E-mail Address (4) Relationship and (5) length of time known for 2 individuals who can verify your ability to care for this animal.
Additional information you would like to provide about yourself and/or the dog you would like to adopt:
* By checking YES you agree that the dog will not be used in any illegal activities nor be found at any time in a municipality where Pit Bull presence is illegal.
* By checking YES you agree that the dog is to be kept as a house pet. It shall not be sold for medical or experimental purpose, and it shall not be used for breeding.
* By checking YES you agree to absolve BLESS THE BULLYS and all of its representatives from any liability in reference to a dog featured in this web site