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Writing effective letters to officials
Preparing for BSL meetings
BSL Studies
Alternatives to BSL
The Calgary Model
Guardianship v. Ownership
Dispelling the myths
Organizations against BSL
What Pit Bulls Can Teach Us About Profiling
A Message to the Media
Fight the Good Fight - New BSL Presentation
Pit Bull 101
Identification Issues
Discounting the CDC Report
Helpful Facts and Statistics





In an effort to avoid a pit bull ban, would you prefer to:
1. Require microchip and Canine Good Citizen on your pit bulls and mixes thereof.
2. Keep your dog on a short leash and muzzle when off of your property.
3. Maintain your dog in a specified enclosure when at home.
4. Require a "permit" that proves you to be a responsible owner in the eyes of the law
5. Spay and neuter your dog.
6. Maintain no more than 2 dogs on your premises.
7. Require #1 and #5 only.
8. Require #2 and #5 only.
9. All of the above.
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