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A Message to the Media

Writing effective letters to officials
Preparing for BSL meetings
BSL Studies
Alternatives to BSL
The Calgary Model
Guardianship v. Ownership
Dispelling the myths
Organizations against BSL
What Pit Bulls Can Teach Us About Profiling
A Message to the Media
Fight the Good Fight - New BSL Presentation
Pit Bull 101
Identification Issues
Discounting the CDC Report
Helpful Facts and Statistics

The Message to the Media was created to give responsible pit bull owners the opportunity to show the American Pit Bull Terrier in its true form - as loving family companions and devoted service and therapy dogs.
Many people have requested a copy of Message to the Media  to take to city council meetings where BSL (breed specific legislation) has been proposed to show city officials the "true" pit bull behind all the media hype. 
This is also a great piece to send with your e-mail letters to city officials - most of whom have only been exposed to pit bulls through negative media.  I also send it to biased reporters who, through their "journalism," continue to feed the negative pit bull stigma to the public.

**For those who do not have a DSL/cable connection, the green link above may take a long time to load on your computer.  You will have an easier time viewing the presentation by clicking on the picture below. 

A downloadable version of the Message to the Media  is now available. 
If you would like a copy to use as part of your anti-BSL or pit bull awareness presenation, please contact me at

New BSL Presentation
I am working on a new presenation about the fight against BSL, and I need your help!  Please send me pictures of your dog with your children, family, social or work settings.  I am specifically looking for pictures of your rottweilers, dobermans, mastiffs, German shepherds, boxers - any breed potentially threatened by BSL.  Although I have many pictures of bull breeds in the above scenarios, I am always happy to accept more. 
Pictures can be sent to me via e-mailThank you!!