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July 8, 2007

We cannot stress enough the importance of always maintaining polite and respectful communications with city officials at all times. Our ultimate goal is to encourage and promote positive communication in an effort to create fair and unbiased laws that benefit everyone in the community.

Warden, Washington

The ordinance targeting pit bulls and rottweilers has been TABLED!

Crossville, Illinois

Has rescinded their pit bull ban passed at the June 12, 2007 city council meeting.

Calgary, Canada

Calgary IS NOT considering BSL. The rumors we heard were the result of the "knee jerk" reaction of ONE city council member to a dog attack. Her proposal for a breed ban has little to no support with city officials or citizens of Calgary.

Little Rock, Arkansas

UPDATED July 14, 2007:  The pit bull ban is off the table, but breed specific regulations are still being considred.  July 8, 2007 - Officials from the City of Calgary, Canada have made contact with officials of Little Rock, Arkansas in an effort to encourage them to enact a NON-breed specific law there. We all know how good Calgary's ordinance is, and they are using that ordinance as a model to work with in Little Rock. While BSL is still on the table in Little Rock, by all accounts, the contact between the officials of both cities has been positive and productive.

South Pittsburg, Tennessee

BSL was passed with regard to pit bulls. The ordinance was passed on its first reading, and city residents were not aware the issue was pending. City resident Nathan Ellis has started a petition to have the ordinance changed.

Rolla, Missouri

Per City Administrator, John Butz: The City Council did a first reading on a pitbull registration ordinance on Monday night. The item will be back on the Council agenda for July 16th.

Manhattan, Kansas

After 8 months of back and forth, the Manhattan commissioners voted unanimously in favor of a non-breed specific dangerous dog ordinance. Although the dangerous dog ordinance on the Manhattan website still specifically names 13 breeds as dangerous, the disclaimer states that all ordinances are current as of May 2007.  It is important to note that while the dangerous dog task force reported to the commission in April 2007 that it did not reach a consensus on the question of a breed-specific ban, the task force report did indicate that there was sentiment for other breed-specific requirements such as mandatory micro-chipping or fencing standards for dogs of a certain breed or size.  Short of getting an actual copy of the updated Manhattan ordinance, there is no way to be certain if the breed specific language has truly been removed or not.

Sulphur, Louisiana

Councilman Stuart Moss is proposing the pit bull ordinance, and he advises that he welcomes questions, information, etc. on the issue. He can be reached at

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Dover, Delaware

The city is considering expanding their list of dangerous dogs to include rottweilers, dobermans, akitas, chows and mastiffs.

Minnesota (statewide)


If you are interested in helping and/or voicing your opposition to breed specific legislation that is expected to be proposed in the next legislative session in Minnesota, please contact as they are heading up the opposition there



Lonoke County, Arkansas

Cabot, Arkansas -

Batesville, Arkansas -

Manila, Arkansas

Pembroke Pines, Florida

Beebe, Arkansas

El Paso, Texas

Wichita, Kansas

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