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Rescues for Reason

Rescuing good dogs
from bad laws

Rescues for Reason is an effort to develop and cultivate a nationwide network of individuals to combat breed specific legislation and implement reasonable, common-sense laws across the country. 

Breed specific legislation (BSL) is becoming an ever increasing "solution" for officials across the country.  In many places where BSL is proposed, there is no one in the community to attend meetings and voice opposition to those proposals.  Because of this, these laws are being passed.

YOU can make a difference!

Rescues for Reason recognizes that animal rescues exist in virtually every community in the United States.  While it is the hope of this effort to recruit each and every bull breed organization to aid in this battle, we hope to include rescues of all breeds on the basic premise and understanding that BSL is ineffective and creates a false sense of security to citizens.  The ultimate goal of any animal control ordinance is community safety, and it is well established that singling out one specific breed of dog does not insulate the community from problem dogs.   

Rescues for Reason offers a core group of individuals to guide, advise and coach you through the experience of fighting breed specific laws for the first tme.  Our dogs desperately need people "on the front lines" in order to win these battles.  Quite simply, we need YOU.   The best part is, after your first experience with fighting BSL, you become a valuable tool in the fight as you can offer advice and assistance to a less experienced individual.  In this respect, our voice grows louder and louder with each fight.  

The bottom line is, individuals involved in bull breed rescue devote a great portion of their lives in saving and rehoming these incredible dogs.  With the passage of time, we are experiencing a trend in which more and more areas are passing breed specific laws, which ultimately means less and less good homes for our dogs.  It just makes sense that individuals involved in advocating for and improving the lives of these dogs are involved in all aspects that affect our breed.  Unfortunately, while other breeds are sometimes included in breed specific laws, bull breeds are ALWAYS the target. 

Do you need to be involved in animal rescue to be a part of Rescues for Reason?  No.  The only "requirement" is that you have a true desire to be part of a growing alliance to bring about real change by creating safer communities with laws that make sense rather than feed on public fear and misconceptions.  

Please join Rescues for Reason to help work toward the ultimate goal of providing every community with a local voice to present reasonable alternatives to breed specific laws to ensure the safety and welfare of ALL members of the community -- dogs and citizens alike.