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The Epidemic

In light of the seemingly constant news of pit bull bans, including the extremely controversial and heartbreaking Denver and Ontario bans, it would seem to many of us that breed discrimination is a new horror.  Unfortunately, it is and has been a worldwide epidemic for quite some time.  Several countries enforce breed bans or other forms of breed restrictions - and those restrictions are not only limited to pit bulls.  Germany, Italy, Australia, Denmark, Canada, and many others all enforce some form of breed discrimination.  
If you think breed discrimination won't effect you because you aren't a pit bull owner, think again.  Owners of rottweilers, dobermans, huskys, akitas and others are already feeling the effects of BSL.  Even harder to believe, Italy enforces restrictions against such breeds as collies, corgies, miniature schnauzers, St. Bernards and miniature pinschers!  In fact, there are over 90 breeds banned or restricted in Italy... NINETY!!!!
What's the reason for this worldwide epidemic?  Simple... laws that enforce breed discrimination (BSL) don't work primarily because they don't target the true problem of irresponsible ownership.  When dog attacks continue, as they undoubtedly will, another condemned breed is added to the list.
What you can do...  
  • Be a RESPONSIBLE dog owner!  Properly train and socialize your dog.
  • Contact law makers when breed specific laws are proposed.  Don't wait for someone else to speak up - by that time, it may be too late.
  • Help implement bite prevention programs in your community - especially those targeting children - as it is inevitable that some people will continue to be irresponsible and careless with their dogs. 
  • Join a group specific to fighting breed specific legislation.  The support and encouragement received are priceless and, working together, we just may put a stop to breed discrimination! 

Our virtual candlelight vigil for the innocent victims of ignorance and discrimination.

May the flame burn until the hate is gone...

In Memory...

To date, the Denver pit bull ban, enacted on May 9, 2005, has taken the lives of over 1,020 innocent pit bulls.  May God bless their precious souls. 

Precious in the sight of the Lord is
the death of His meek ones.
Psalm 116:15